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Closed Guard to Open Guard Offensive Strategies

Cross Sleeve 2-On-1 Break to Over Hook

A. Wedge Armbar

B. Triangle

C. Gi Choke

2-On-1 Arm Drag to

A. to the Back → Rear Naked Choke/ Armlock/ or Bow & Arrow Choke(Gi Specific)

B. to Flower Sweep

C. to Modified Arm In Cross Choke

Same Side Collar & Sleeve (Steering Wheel)

A. to Armlock

B. to OmoPlata

C. to Triangle

Same Side Sleeve & Pants Grips (Flower/ Xande Sweep)

A. Off Guard Opening

B. to the Back

C. Triangle

D. Opponent Pulls Arm Out → OmoPlata Log Roll Over Sweep

E. Bring Head Back in fro Reverse Triangle

F. Opponent Postures from OmoPlata Escape and Stands → Ashi Garami

G. Rolling Armlock

Hip Bump Sweep

A. Hip Bump Sweep to Kimura

B. Hip Bump to Kimura to Elbow Push In Back Take

C. Hip Bump Sweep to Triangle

D. Hip Bump Sweep to OmoPlata

E. Hip Bump Sweep to Guillotine

Omoplata Sweep

A. Log Roll Sweep

B. Opponent Rolls You Follow to Top Side Control

C. to Back Take

D. Opponent Postures from OmoPlata Escape and Stands → Ashi Garami

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